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artist statement

For those of us who have been working on generative AI and Robotics for years, especially in the academic niche of music technology, it has been fascinating to see how the field has percolated into general society in such a short time.  Such a significant societal shift is often accompanied by and sometime a generator of myths - stories that debate, reveal and pass on culture's aesthetic, values, and tensions.


One of the most prevalent myths in our culture has been the Greek myth of Medusa, who was born as a mortal maiden known for her beauty and good intentions. Medusa was then raped and abused by Poseidon and cursed by Athena to become a snake haired monster who turns anyone who looks at her to stone. She continued to bestow death, even after Perseus, son of Zeus, beheaded her.


The parallels of this story to where we are as a culture with AI are striking. If the virtuous well intentioned motivation for AI can refer to the young Medusa, who in our story will be playing the role of Poseidon, Athena and Perseus, and will the story have a better ending?

The medusai project is an attempt to capture and reflect on the good intentions and promises of AI on one hand and the risks and dangers on the other. The eerie and uncanny notion of AI-driven robotic snakes following and threatening humans is balanced by the sculpture’s potential to inspire humans - musicians, dancers, museum visitors -  to push the boundaries of their creativity and expression. We hope that project can help project and embody this duality to those who will experience it.



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